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While trusts can be a more favorable option for many in comparison to wills, they do lack a feature that wills provide to estate owners. Trusts may exclude the necessity for probate, but they can only hold certain types of assets. Specifically, trusts require an extra step in order to actually transfer the assets you wish to reserve for specific beneficiaries. Simply creating the trust is not sufficient. Without proper transfer orders and trust administration, a trust is no more than a simple piece of paper.

The asset transfer document you will need in order to secure your belongings within your trust depends on the specific type of property:

  • Real estate
  • Bank/brokerage accounts
  • Motor vehicles
  • Personal items

For each of the above items, there is a different process to prepare the property for the beneficiary you wish to transfer it to upon your passing.

Why Choose My Firm for Asset Transfer?

As a Santa Rosa estate planning attorney, I firmly believe in the value of trusts as a means to plan for the future and avoid the troubles of probate. However, they must be created and secured properly in order to provide the desire affect. I am committed to properly transferring every asset you wish to pass on to your beneficiary in a manner that minimizes the work for you and the trouble for them when it comes time to administer the trust.

I will be there to help your family members receive the assets you want each of them to receive. Altogether, the asset transfer services I offer are intended to assist you in helping the ones you love. Call my office today to schedule your consultation and learn more about how you can strengthen your trust with the proper asset transfers.

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