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Santa Rosa Wills

  • I help you on a one-on-one basis
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  • I ensure that your will accomplishes your goals and objectives
  • I make certain your final wishes for your heirs are honored
  • I draw on nearly two decades of focused legal experience
  • I utilize a qualified team of estate planning and probate professionals

If you would like to establish an executor of your estate, whom you wish to pass your assets on to and make provisions for your children's care, do not hesitate to contact my office. I would love to begin assisting you with drafting your will today! Let my legal team empower you to make the important decisions that will guarantee your loved ones are taken care of for generations to come. To work with a professional and qualified legal team that truly values your interests, call our Santa Rosa probate and estate planning office today.

Safeguard Your Assets with a Santa Rosa Probate Lawyer

Santa Rosa WillsSetting up a will is extremely important. It ensures that your assets are transferred to the parties of your choice and that your loved ones remain financially secure after your death. Drafting a will can also save your family from a lot of stress caused by the probate process.

If a will is not established, your estate will have to be distributed by the court as required by the California Probate Code. Probate is the legal process where a court either validates one's will or determines that an individual died without one. Probate is often incredibly complex and time-consuming, and can be very expensive especially when drawn out over a period of months (or in some cases, even years). Save your family unnecessary anxiety by working with me.

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Wills Santa Rosa

    I can assist with various types of documents:

    • Living wills and trusts
    • Statutory (simple) wills
    • Pour-over wills
    • Testamentary trust wills

    Don't be tempted to use do-it-yourself software programs that could overlook an element pertaining to your unique situation.

    Though drafting your last will and testament could seem fairly straightforward, this is not necessarily always the case. Creating a document that can be enforceable in the courts will require skill, precision, and experience. Only with the guidance of an experienced and seasoned legal professional can you truly protect your interests for the long-run.

    Why do you need a will?

    A will serves the following purposes:

    • Establishes your final wishes in a written manner
    • Enforces a legally binding relationship between your assets and your potential beneficiaries
    • Names guardianship relationships for your minor children
    • Determines your wishes for healthcare or life-saving medical treatment
    • Decides whom will take over your financial assets or business interests

    By creating a will, you can have the legal means to enforce protection over your money, children, property, or other assets when you are no longer around to able to protect them. Why is this so important? Drafting and enforcing a will can help make certain your family is cared for – even if you are no longer alive to see through to it.

    You have worked hard for the assets you've acquired and nothing will give you greater peace of mind than knowing that you have planned for your family's long-term well-being and financial security. Establishing a will is used not only to protect your family, but is also for your benefit. In short, a will ensures your final and most pertinent wishes are completely honored.

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    Santa Rosa Wills

    Consider protecting your finances, your assets, and your future generations by drafting an enforceable will with our firm's Santa Rosa will attorney. Speak with my compassionate legal team today.

    Your future and your family are of the highest priority at the Law Office of James D. Krupka!

    With nearly 20 years of legal experience in handling complex estate planning matters, Attorney Krupka can be trusted to enforce your final wishes when you are no longer around to assert them on your own. We proudly serve individuals and families throughout the Northern California area and look forward to helping you.

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